We are

Beatrice & Alberto

We are Beatrice & Alberto, a blond hair girl and a red beard guy, friends and lovers, who share a passion for photography and videography, love and life, nature and a Beagle named Bacco! (Bacco in Italian means “God of wine”). Our lives have crossed many times for many years, the first time during high school and later on by coincidence at university. Almost 7 years ago we started to walk together the same path, and today we are specialized in storytelling thru natural, genuine, spontaneous and intimate wedding photography.

We aim to catch the real love,
the love that leaves people breathless,
raw and romantic at the same time.

Always looking for new lovers to get acquainted with, we love to travel this world because we strive to discover the truth of each story and capture it thru our cameras. This is our purpose, because we deeply believe that only real love, real tears and smiles, real human connections, can make a wonderful photo that will last forever.

Join our life trip,
share your lives with us.

We are honoured and grateful to all the couples who had chosen and trusted us during these years, to remember one of the most important days of their lives thru our images. We treat every wedding with the respect it deserves, always! 
Our mission as storytellers is to narrate each wedding with authentic style, taking care of every moment with sensitivity, without meddling in or changing anything. We believe in natural and spontaneous approach and style, that’s why we act like careful and delicate observers.
Thanks to all of you who spent time reading our story, we hope to meet you one day or another.

Now It’s your time,
write here your story!